August 17, 2017

Marketing Strategies Are Not Universal

July 21, 2009 Mike Moran

Everyone has been watching Facebook to see if it can monetize its enormous traffic to become a going business. And the focal point of that monetization effort is advertising, just like Google’s. And you’ve probably read about Facebook ads, or perhaps even tried them yourself. And maybe you’ve decided that […]

Experiment With Your Marketing To Make It Work

June 23, 2009 Mike Moran

Most of you know that I wrote a book on Internet marketing called “Do It Wrong Quickly”–but some overlook how important the “quickly” part is, because otherwise you’re just doing it wrong. The point of the book is to experiment with your marketing until something starts to work. You can’t […]

New Marketing Techniques From SMX London ’09

June 8, 2009 Gareth Davies

Once again SMX London was held at the rather grand New Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. Unlike the typical chilly days of last November Spring was in the air and to begin the conference Brian Fetherstonhaugh of OgilvyOne took to the stage in front of a packed conference hall to […]

Where Social Media Marketing Is Headed

May 26, 2009 Jim Tobin

Forrester’s recent report on The Future of The Social Web made some interesting predictions about where social media marketing is heading, and how major brands will need to respond. We’ve clearly moved beyond Social Relationships and into Social Functionality, and the early signs of Social Colonization are clearly upon us. […]

How Social Media Fits In With The Sales Cycle

May 12, 2009 Danny Brown

When you’re selling something, how do you do it? Are you keeping it simple or are you overselling? In other words, are you using translation marketing or not? In his post today, Chris Brogan discusses the sales cycle and where social media fits into it. Prospects, awareness, leads, customers and […]

Is Social Media Immune To The Recession Woes?

April 28, 2009 Brian Solis

Fueled by a combination of popularity, curiosity, necessity, strategy, and trendiness, marketers are embracing a new recipe that injects a proactive, social approach to outbound communications and engagement – with or without all of the answers before they jump in. This approach, while courageous, has required faith, conviction, and champions […]

FTC Moves To Regulate Viral Marketing

April 14, 2009 Frank Reed

AdAge reports that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is moving closer to a proposed plan that will begin regulating viral marketing and blogs. Regardless of what side of the political fence you are on it’s starting to get a bit scary as to just how much the government wants to […]

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