August 18, 2017

Unlocking The Passion Of People With Your Marketing

January 5, 2010 Rohit Bhargava

Like many bloggers, I have already started reading some “predictions” for 2010 – which often take lessons learned for 2009 and project them into the next year. For my own part, I have done these sorts of blog posts before and the tough thing is to highlight things which will […]

How To Benchmark Your Marketing Strategy

November 10, 2009 James Cherkoff

The $500bn global marketing industry is driven by metrics. TVRs, GRs, OTS, TGI, ABC, BARB, CPC, CPA, PI, CPM, frequency, benchmarking, response, reach, hits – the range of measurement systems has exploded as the complexity of marketing continues to increase. Which has led to a gaming mentality among some parts […]

Removing Your Distractions To Focus On Marketing

October 27, 2009 Andrew Wee

Internet marketers can take a leaf out of the movie “Peaceful Warrior” and apply techniques for success to their marketing campaigns. Based on a book by 1964 World Trampoline Championship winner and co-captain of the 1968 NCAA University of California gymnastics team, Dan Millman, the movie Peaceful Warrior contains a […]

Being A Trusted Authority Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

August 18, 2009 Aaron Wall

Anyone who is a member of of our community likely knows that I am a fan of Cartman. It all comes down to Cartman’s understanding of marketing principals: Being perceived as a trusted authority is a powerful marketing tool for many reasons. Here are a few examples…

Marketing Strategies Are Not Universal

July 21, 2009 Mike Moran

Everyone has been watching Facebook to see if it can monetize its enormous traffic to become a going business. And the focal point of that monetization effort is advertising, just like Google’s. And you’ve probably read about Facebook ads, or perhaps even tried them yourself. And maybe you’ve decided that […]

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