August 18, 2017

What Does Integrated Marketing Really Mean?

November 13, 2012 Lee Odden

We’ve always considered our online marketing agency “search plus” and by that I mean search is central and important, but accomplishing client marketing objectives requires a broader view than just optimizing web pages and digital assets. Of course if you follow us here or you’ve read Optimize, you know that.

Tools to Give Your Marketing a Boost

November 2, 2011 Lee Odden

[Note from Lee: This week’s guest post is from someone I’ve known from the Search Marketing world for a long time. Bryan Eisenberg is a Wall Street Journal & New York Times Best Selling Author, popular keynote speaker and well respected guru in all things related to marketing and conversion […]

When Texts Go Bad: Marketing Lessons From The Fail File

March 7, 2011 Rich Brooks

For your business, it’s critical to deliver on your promises. When you use a marketing tactic to gain a follower, a customer or build your list, there’s usually some promise, explicit or implicit, that it will be worth the person’s time and effort. This is especially true when there’s a […]

Marketing Trends To Watch in 2011

December 21, 2010 Jen Williams

Marketing trends change with the industry on a semi-regular basis. Depending on what’s technologically new or improved, marketing tactics adjust with those changes and affect the way businesses interact. Harris Interactive, an information gathering group for surveys, polls and web marketing analysis applications, recently conducted an in-depth study that gave […]

How To Gain A Competitive Edge In Local Search

November 23, 2010 Mary Bowling

So far in this series, we’ve talked about whether Local Search is important for marketing your own business online, how to determine who your strongest online competitors are, how to tell if your competitors have claimed their listings and how to determine which categories in which to place your business. […]

Attract More Clients With The Correct Marketing Message

November 9, 2010 Jim Connolly

This brief post is all about how you can attract more high quality clients or make more sales, by understanding and servicing the needs of your marketplace. For example, if Bob is really hungry and he smells something great cooking from a nearby food outlet, it will immediately capture his […]

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