August 18, 2017

Why No-One Cares About Your Brand

August 20, 2013 Danny Brown

Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use social media for your brand varies. It can be for listening; resolving issues; lead generation; focus groups; recruitment; and much, much more.

Social Brands and the Seven Deadly Sins

February 22, 2011 Kevin Dugan

Companies establishing a social media presence may make some missteps. Some of the brands known for their social presence, including Best Buy and Starbucks, can point to mistakes made along the way and to what the brand learned from it.

Why Marketing Is Difficult For Startups

September 28, 2010 Robert Scoble

Watch this video with Indinero’s founder, Jessica Mah. She’s 20 years old. I’ve known her since she was 16 and she’s always been an aspiring entrepreneur. But look around the house that the co-founders all share. Five geeks sharing rent in Silicon Valley. Keeping expenses down. It’s messy, clothes are […]

Learning Marketing From Google

September 7, 2010 Lee Odden

Aaron Goldman is an accomplished digital marketer that I know through MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit conference. He reached out to me while writing his new book, “Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Google”, and asked if I’d like to contribute. Such a request is a great honor to […]

Entertaining Your Audience Through Clever Marketing

August 24, 2010 Frank Reed

OK, I am about to share a very well-kept secret. There will be many people that will be angry with me that I have decided to share this with the world at large. (Well, at least our readers but who’s counting?) I risk being ostracized by just about everyone when […]

Marketing In The Era Of Social Media

July 13, 2010 Brian Solis

Marketing, advertising, service, communications, and business dynamics in general is undergoing incredible transformation. The innovation transpiring across the board however, wasn’t ushered out of vision as much as it was pressured through the democratization of content and the equalization of influence. After years of the socialized media changing how individuals […]

Do Endless Marketing Feature Updates Hinder Campaigns?

May 11, 2010 Gord Hotchkiss

In the past year or so, I’ve been at a number of technology platform user summits and at some point on the agenda, there is always the product feature enhancement announcements. With much fanfare I listen as they roll out enhancement after enhancement, and I can’t  help thinking: do people […]

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