August 17, 2017

Behavioral Targeting Coming to SnapChat

August 30, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

SnapChat will soon offer behavioral targeting options to its advertisers, according to an eMarketer report referenced by BusinessInsider. SnapChat Director of Revenue Operations, Clement Xue, said in the report that SnapChat was going to launch behavioral targeting capabilities by the end of September. Per BI, SnapChat will initially based all […]

Pinterest Rolls Out Promoted Video

August 17, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Pinterest rolls out Promoted Video, available only on mobile devices, to make them an even better marketing platform for brands. The trend toward video advertising with social media platforms and the internet in general continues with this Pinterest announcement. According to business intelligence firm L2, Marketers are projected to spend […]

Is Adblocking Stealing?

August 8, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Rufus Olins hosted a session on adblocking at the 2016 Shift Conference in London. The session looked at where adblocking would be in 5 years and how it would impact online publishing and advertising and whether or not adblocking would put us all out of a job, as Piers North […]

Brands Doing Rio Olympics Marketing on YouTube

August 2, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Brands are heavily committed to the Rio Games, uploading ads celebrating the athletes, culture, and passion around the Olympic Games, and they are being watched in big numbers. “From April 2016 through June 2016, ads from Worldwide and National Olympic Partners have already received the equivalent of over 400 years […]

AMP for Ads Can Double Revenue

July 25, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Googles Paul Muret, VP, Display, video & Analytics at Google, says that Google’s research shows that the average mobile site takes 19 seconds to load. If however, through optimization you can get your site to load within 5 seconds or less, Google estimates that you can earn twice as much […]

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