August 18, 2017
Mike Moran
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Copyright Mike Moran Mike Moran is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, expert on Internet marketing, and the author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc., the best-selling book on search marketing. Mike also writes the popular Biznology newsletter and blog.

Why you should merge your traditional and digital marketing work

November 24, 2015 Mike Moran

In small companies, this is not an issue that ever comes up–traditional marketing, digital marketing, and possibly cleaning the break room are all merged–that’s Victor’s job. But at big companies, the kind that I work with, folks continue to wrestle with whether the old-style marketing organizations ought to be merged with […]

In marketing, authenticity is the new black

October 14, 2014 Mike Moran

Marketers have a longstanding reputation as maybe not the most straightforward folks you’ve ever met. Like salespeople, marketers have been known to shade the truth just a touch. They know how to give any story just the right “spin.” You might be forgiven for taking what marketers say with a […]

Pinterest Marketing 101

May 21, 2013 Mike Moran

Yesterday, Jennifer Evans Cario of SugarSpun Marketing presented our latest Biznology® Webinar about how to use Pinterest as one of your marketing strategies. Been following all the hype about Pinterest but not quite sure how it applies to your business? Maybe you’ve even taken the time to set up a […]

Have you discovered agile marketing?

October 16, 2012 Mike Moran

If you think that a scrum is the main reason you’ll never play rugby, you might be right, but you are also missing a type a scrum much more related to marketing. Scrum meetings are cross-functional gatherings that can resemble a free-for-all to an outsider, but that make huge progress […]

Agile Marketing Meets TV

April 3, 2012 Mike Moran

I spend a lot of time speaking and consulting on agile marketing–what I wrote about a lot in Do It Wrong Quickly–and I often use the example of television commercials as the very antithesis of agile marketing, the epitome of old media. Agile marketing is all about experimentation, feedback, testing, […]

Are Your Marketing Results At Stake?

December 7, 2010 Mike Moran

I’m old enough to remember when all you needed to do to persuade an executive about an issue was to show him some data in a spreadsheet. “The computer is always right,” they thought, so they went along with whatever you presented. (OK, I am older than dirt.) Now people […]

Using Crowdsource Marketing Without Aiding Your Competitors

June 8, 2010 Mike Moran

It almost sounds magical–a system with an on-demand supply of incredibly cheap labor (pennies for many tasks) that is available by simply posting a request on a Web site. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and other crowdsourcing sites have revolutionized the way companies do intensive manual labor on computing tasks. So, you […]

Can Experimenting With Your Marketing Hurt Your Business?

May 25, 2010 Mike Moran

I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Winnipeg, speaking to a couple of hundred marketers at the Canadian Marketing Associate Digital Days conference. (You can download the slides for my talk, “How Web Marketing Changes the Old Marketing Rules.”) I spent lots of time hammering away at how to do […]

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