August 18, 2017
Kevin Dugan
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Kevin Dugan is the author of the popular Strategic Public Relations blog. Kevin is Director of Marketing Communications for FRCH Design Worldwide. Visit Kevin's blog: Strategic Public Relations.

Marketing Paradox: Going Against The Norm

August 6, 2012 Kevin Dugan

"If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done." — Drina Reed This quote is Pinterest porn but, in marketing, it can also be a bit of a paradox. When an industry succeeds moving in one direction, it can be hard to justify […]

Social Brands and the Seven Deadly Sins

February 22, 2011 Kevin Dugan

Companies establishing a social media presence may make some missteps. Some of the brands known for their social presence, including Best Buy and Starbucks, can point to mistakes made along the way and to what the brand learned from it.

Opening Your Marketing Engagement Beyond Silos

June 29, 2010 Kevin Dugan

This research from Get Response tracks with my own experience: “A distinct minority of small-to-mid-sized-business (SMB) marketers use social media links or icons in their promotional emails.” And I’ll argue that even larger businesses do not consider steps like this…not instinctively.