August 18, 2017
Frank Reed
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Entertaining Your Audience Through Clever Marketing

August 24, 2010 Frank Reed

OK, I am about to share a very well-kept secret. There will be many people that will be angry with me that I have decided to share this with the world at large. (Well, at least our readers but who’s counting?) I risk being ostracized by just about everyone when […]

Franchisees Lose In The Internet Marketing Arena

March 2, 2010 Frank Reed

I have been speaking to several owners of local franchises recently about Internet marketing and it has opened my eyes considerably. Purchasing a franchise has long been a way for people to get away from having a “regular” job and live the American Dream of owning a business. In this […]

FTC Moves To Regulate Viral Marketing

April 14, 2009 Frank Reed

AdAge reports that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is moving closer to a proposed plan that will begin regulating viral marketing and blogs. Regardless of what side of the political fence you are on it’s starting to get a bit scary as to just how much the government wants to […]