August 18, 2017
David Raab
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David M. Raab is a Principal at Raab Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in marketing technology and analysis. He advises major consumer and business marketers on marketing processes, technology and service vendors. Mr. Raab is author of the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems and Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit. He has written hundreds of articles on marketing technology for industry publications including DM Review, DM News, Relationship Marketing Report, Bank Marketing, Target Marketing, The Journal of Database Marketing, and elsewhere. Mr. Raab established the technology consulting practice at Raab Associates in 1987. He holds a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and MBA from the Harvard Business School. Check out his blog at

Marketers Do a Bad Job Selecting Marketing Automation Systems

November 16, 2011 David Raab

I presented my Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing Automation Software Selection during last week’s Webinar with Neolane. (To replay the Webinar, click here.)  If you’re wondering how many companies actually commit those sins, the sad answer is: a lot. Here are some statistics. About half of buyers consider only one […]

Learning The Lessons Of Marketing Automation Consolidation

July 27, 2010 David Raab

As I wrote in my June 30 post on consolidation among marketing automation vendors, I expect the number of competitors to shrink fairly quickly as new buyers concentrate their purchases among a handful of leading vendors. This is a natural result of a maturing market, as technology-oriented pioneers are replaced […]