August 18, 2017
Brian Chappell
About Brian Chappell
With over 8 years of web design and search engine optimization experience, Brian has developed an in-depth organic search optimization background that stems from working in one of the most competitive fields around. In his work with Ignite, Brian monitors and analyzes reputations across the web, as well as optimizes facets of social marketing such as engagement, social interaction and promotion. You can find his articles published across the web and in print magazines such as Search Marketing Standard.

Learning Social Media Marketing From Zappos

February 16, 2010 Brian Chappell

Zappos is one of those companies that gets thrown around whenever social media case studies come up. If you have followed the industry over the last 2 years you have undoubtedly seen them come up in PowerPoint presentations and various speeches on the topic of ‘who’s doing it right’ in social media. […]