August 18, 2017
Andrea Goldberg
About Andrea Goldberg
Dr. Andrea Goldberg is an Organizational Psychologist, a former IBM Marketing Vice President and a thought leader on how social media is transforming organizations. She is the President of Digital Culture Consulting, LLC, a firm that develops organizational strategies, policies and programs around social business. Andrea’s holistic approach considers organizational culture, readiness and employee/market insights. In her 25+ year career at IBM, she led pioneering work on emerging markets and technologies, social media as well as multi stakeholder initiatives on IBM’s brand and values. Her innovative assessments of IBM’s advertising earned her the Grand Prize at the 2003 Advertising Research Foundation’s David Ogilvy Advertising Awards.

Why Organizational Culture Matters to Your Marketing

June 18, 2013 Andrea Goldberg

On any given day, one can look at Twitter, Mashable, or any number of other sites and receive advice on how to use social media tools to improve customer outreach, loyalty, and employee engagement. Some of these posts are mediocre, while others are quite good and provide sound guidance and […]