August 18, 2017

Marketing Tip: Get Specific!

Here’s a quick tip, to help you dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

One of the core factors behind ineffective marketing, is a lack of focus. Just as it’s impossible to hit a target when you don’t know what or where the target is, it’s just as hard to attract your ideal profile of client, when you are not clear about who they are.

Name names

Here’s a quick marketing tip, to demonstrate how clarity and focus can make your marketing far, far more effective.

I want you to ask yourself the following question: Who are the next 10 clients or customers I would most like to work with?

Next, answer that question AND name names! List the names of the next 10 people or businesses, you want to work with. Once you have this list, it’s easier for you to:

  • Listen to their needs and wants. (Social networks are great for this.)
  • Tailor your marketing message, so it’s directly relevant to them.
  • Build pre sale relationships with them.

Get specific

I’m not suggesting or recommending that all your marketing efforts are focused on these 10 prospective clients. This is just 1 focused way to add clarity to your marketing. The key is to get specific, because the more focused your efforts are, the better your results will be.

Otherwise, you can waste a great deal of time, opportunity and money, being vaguely relevant.

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