August 17, 2017

Debut of Smart Sites Gives Marketers New Options for Quick Mobile Responsive, Feature Rich Site Deployments

During the first quarter of 2013, spending on mobile search rose 51%, according to Covario’s Global Paid Search Spend Analysis. And where are all those mobile search ad’s pointing? Most likely landing pages designed specifically to drive some sort of action – a purchase, download, lead form submission or installation of some kind. And if there isn’t a landing page, users who click on these ads are being directed to websites most likely built specifically for mobile users.

impress smart sites logo Debut of Smart Sites Gives Marketers New Options for Quick Mobile Responsive, Feature Rich Site Deployments As of yesterday, however, advertisers looking to capitalize on mobile search can now direct users to a different type of destination, a Smart Site, as company digital-telepathy calls it. Not quite a landing page or a traditional website, digital-telepathy’s new Impress Smart Sites were launched yesterday to meet companies’ branding and performance objectives, and create a new category of website that blends elements from mobile rich experiences like Nest or Square, and serve the needs of companies running paid search campaigns for a branded experience that also delivers performance.

According to digital-telepathy, companies previously would split their efforts between landing pages and their traditional website. With one being focused on transactions, the landing page – and one focused on branding and company messaging, the website.

The new Smart Sites also come packaged with some extra add-ins like heatmaps powered by crazyegg, user insights powered by Qualaroo and built in A/B testing by Optimizely, all third-party companies whose services are built into the Smart Site. Also included is technology designed to know whether users are visiting from a PC, tablet, smartphone and adapts the display to ensure compatibility on any type of device.

impress smart site design image Debut of Smart Sites Gives Marketers New Options for Quick Mobile Responsive, Feature Rich Site Deployments

This is important, particularly when running the new Google Enhanced Ad Campaigns, which dynamically targets users switching between devices throughout the day. What has also been called multi-device marketing, targeting users with messages optimized for the device they are on, can be extremely successful, particularly when coupled with a Smart Site to dynamically cater the message to the medium.

Prior to the public launch yesterday, select users participated in digital-telepathy’s beta launch of Impress Smart Sites, of which some insights were shared by the company in their announcement yesterday. Eric Ries, for instance, uses an Impress Smart Site as the web headquarters for The Lean Startup, a business movement he pioneered, which he says lets him, “…more effectively communicate the principals of The Lean Startup, create community among enthusiasts, share new developments and encourage feedback from visitors.”

“Our Beta Impress customers report improved conversion rates by two times or more,” said digital-telepathy founder Chuck Longanecker . “The results are beyond expectations. But it’s not just conversion – customers love what Impress does to elevate their brand online.”

To learn more about Impress you can visit

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