August 18, 2017

Establishing Priority For Search Marketing

Whether you are an in-house search marketing strategist at a large organization or you’re an agency who has a search marketing champion, there is a common barrier that you will consistently come across: Establishing priority for search marketing in conjunction with getting buy-in from required stake holders. Below I have outlined 5 ways you can push search marketing strategies along more effectively within big corporations.

  1. Relationships: While working at businesses (>150 employees) you will find there are numerous stakeholders involved with every task. Establishing strong working relationships with team members in marketing, IT, and design is extremely beneficial in understanding the corporate structure as well as the flow for strategic processes.
  2. Quick Wins and Tips: Once you have established some decent relationships it’s a good idea to understand each individual’s priorities/responsibilities. From there you should begin to pass along occasional quick wins and tips allowing these individuals to be more effective with their day to days tasks. This idea will really help build your trust level and make your team members looks good infront of their bosses.
  3. Training: This is a technique I have had great success with. In order to get buy-in on the implementation of SEO and PPC strategies from my marketing team, I designed one hour SEO/PPC training sessions for groups of intimate groups of 5-7. With a better understanding in both SEO and PPC the marketing team was more open to asking for my help in future strategies. I kept the groups small to help promote questions and conversation during the training sessions.
  4. Get Involved: If you see an opportunity to help out or add insight, take it. A suggestion for an A/B test for an email marketing campaign, a missing competitive term in a PPC campaign, an important tweak to a landing page or missing meta tags for a prominent product page – Word these hidden opportunities with benefits and you will find success.
  5. Long Term: Don’t just stop at the basics, once you have established relationships and received some buy-in, continue to evangelize search marketing with on going strategies. Find yourself a seat at meetings related to new website designs, CMS selection, and online campaigns so that you can continue to give search marketing a voice a the table.


Manoj Jasra
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Manoj Jasra is a well respected search marketing veteran having been in the industry since 2002. Manoj currently serves as a Sr. Analyst on the web solutions team at Shaw Communications Inc. Manoj's role primarily consists of providing SEO/PPC and Web Analytics strategies in addition to business insight on Shaw's web properties. Previously, Manoj held the role of Director of Technology at Enquiro Search Solutions where he oversaw Enquiro's product development for search marketing solutions and acted as the lead on both SEO Training and Enquiro's Web Analytics approach. Check out Manoj's well read blog, Web Analytics World, which focuses on his insight in Search Marketing, Mobile, Technology and of course, Web Analytics. You can contact Manoj at