June 25, 2016

Emoji Ad Targeting Offered By Twitter

June 17, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Twitter has become the first social media platform that lets advertisers target by what emoji a user has tweeted. The idea is that emoji’s are indicators of emotion, or even more specifically wanted actions, which can be used by businesses to target their product marketing. For instance, a hot coffee […]

New Useful Facebook Features For Brick & Mortar Marketers

June 14, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Facebook has announced new features that will help drive more business to brick & mortar store locations while accurately measuring a businesses Facebook mobile ad campaigns contribution in doing this. New Local Awareness Ads are designed for the small business with a single store all the way to enterprise corporations […]

Dark Social Marketing Is Out Of Control!

June 10, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Global Dark Social sharing is now 84% of all consumer sharing of publisher and marketer content according to a new study by RadiumOne. Dark Social activity is considered to be sharing of content via private channels such as email or messaging. According to the study, Dark Social shares as a […]

By 2017, Internet Advertising Will Overtake TV Advertising

June 8, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

PwC released their annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report, predicting that internet advertising will overtake broadcast advertising by next year. PwC’s report forecasts media and entertainment industry revenue and ad spending over the next 5 years. By 2020 total spending on internet advertising is expected to be $93.5 billion […]

Facebook Ad Network Now Viewable To Non-Facebook Users

June 8, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

Facebook ads will now target non-users of Facebook on outside websites and apps, directly challenging the supremacy of the Google Display Network. Previously, Facebook only showed ads on third party websites to users that were concurrently logged into Facebook. Facebook is also taking on the hundreds of other ad networks […]

Google Adwords Focusing On Mobile, Increases Ad Sizes

May 25, 2016 MarketingNewz Staff

It’s a Mobile-First World for Google with significant Adwords changes announced at its Google Performance Summit. Google also posted about these changes on its Inside Adwords blog. Among the changes are increasing ad titles from 25 to 30 characters and increasing ad descriptions from 35 to 80 characters. Google noted […]

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